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Praying and Praising Through the Rule of Threes

  NOTE:¬†Friends and family, please know that we are still working through this experience. The decisions of who would be contacted and made aware of the situation were made under extreme stress and were made during a time that our family needed privacy and protection. The decisions were made with only immediate family in mind.… Continue reading Praying and Praising Through the Rule of Threes

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I Am A Fake

  My desire in life is to share God’s love with others. I want everyone I come in contact with to be drawn closer to God simply because they have met me. I want everyone to see the beauty of God’s love, God’s grace, and the perfection that comes from living my life for Christ.… Continue reading I Am A Fake

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A Useless Vine ~ Ezekiel 15

Each day as I have my quiet, or not so quiet, time with the Lord, I read my daily devotion and usually read a few corresponding verses. If I am doing a Bible study, I will also work on that. If not, I have another method for choosing the reading that day. I put my… Continue reading A Useless Vine ~ Ezekiel 15