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The Truth: Moms At War

I know, Beautiful Mama, that you think you are alone. I know, Moms At War, you are scared, terrified in fact. I know that you wonder,¬†What would people think if they really knew what we go through? I am where you are, in a home that is a war zone. In a home where we… Continue reading The Truth: Moms At War

autism · emotional disability · HFA · mental health · Parenting · special needs

Moms At War

Hurt. Confused. Sad. Overwhelmed. Heavy hearted. These words describe Moms at War In the last few days, I have talked to several moms who feel this way. Several moms who share something in common with me. These moms, despite whatever diagnoses their children may have, are raising boys like D. Their sons have diagnoses ranging… Continue reading Moms At War