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Dear General Mills


I have never written a letter to a company. However, that changes when a company that has a daily impact on their lives from the breakfast table to after dinner snacks promotes negative behaviors. So, today, I have written a letter to General Mills/Yoplait. My prayer is that it falls on the right desk, and the recipient will consider the potential, negative impact this commercial could have.

Yoplait Commercial

The Commercial

Dear General Mills,

First, I thank you for your commitment to, and production of, many wonderful products, particularly Yoplait! Our family of 6 eats yogurt on a daily basis and Yoplait is our only brand of choice. No other has compared to the quality and price of your product.

Your new Yoplait commercial with the teen girl who says “two can play this game”, however, is very disappointing! She makes the comment with regards to her mom giving her yogurt in place of one of her snacks. In order to turn the cards on her mom, she changes one ‘bad boy’ boyfriend for another, encouraging her mom to decide that the first was not so ‘bad’.

You are teaching our children that it’s okay to be deceitful and disrespectful. You are teaching our children that what we say, as their parents, is really not important.

We, as parents around the world, are working diligently to teach our children morals and values. We spend countless hours protecting them from the negative impact the world can have on them. Now, a company that is a part of our daily life, from cereal to yogurt, has produced this commercial. One that undermines our work towards raising Godly, upstanding, productive citizens.

I urge you to consider the impact that this commercial could have on the impressionable children who watch your commercials. They are, for ours and many other families, the largest consumers of your product. They are the future of your company and our world.

Lena Herrington
Mommy to 4 children