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Wizzy Gizmo Review

  *I received a free FAST TRACK BIBLE PACK set, in exchange for an honest Wizzy Gizmo Review. This review was hosted by Home and School Mosaics and Wizzy Gizmo.* Her name was Melissa, I believe she was a student my mom taught in Clarksville, TN…or maybe it was somewhere in Louisiana? I remember a… Continue reading Wizzy Gizmo Review

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Bible in 90 Days – Round 3

There was a time in my life that I was pretty active on Twitter. In fact, so active that I had essentially abandoned Facebook…. I know, I know … You should have been warned to take a seat… ­čśë For months, I watched friends who were tagging their tweets with #B90Days. What was this┬áBible in… Continue reading Bible in 90 Days – Round 3