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When Mama’s Prayer Isn’t Enough

It has been 3 years, 5 months, and 14 days since we picked D up from the residential treatment facility. I said… I will never forget the feelings I had leading up to that placement! I will never forget the day the insurance called and said they were no longer going to pay because of… Continue reading When Mama’s Prayer Isn’t Enough

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Autism Is Perfect

Tuesday, April 23, I was featured as a guest writer on Jennifer A. Janes. I wrote an article, “Autism Is … Perseverance”, about D and his determination to finish whatever it is he is trying to do – good or not so good – although his intentions usually are good. Tuesday, April 23, is also… Continue reading Autism Is Perfect

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The Long Mile

As parents, we all have decisions to make. We make the decisions about what’s for breakfast, can “Jenny” have another lollipop, or can “Andy” stay up 15 minutes late to watch the end of his favorite show. In the grand scheme of parenting, those are the easy decisions, but the reality is, there are many… Continue reading The Long Mile