Real Life Autism

Real Life Autism

Real Life Autism

The internet is full of scholarly, research based information about Autism Spectrum Disorders. My wish is not to give you more medical/research based information.

My wish is that I will share our life with you, the ups and downs, the good and the bad. I hope that by sharing real life high functioning autism, you or someone you know will learn something that helps in your real life.

I hope something in these posts will reassure you on those days when you feel like no one understands, help you learn a new technique for a child you love, or maybe even find a new way to explain your situation to those who just don’t get it. I hope you find encouragement in these posts.

High Functioning Autism Series

Characteristics of HFA

Social Delays


Special Siblings

Sabotaging Normal

Our Public School Journey

Help! Any ideas for school anxiety?

The Village: Home and School

Held Hostage

Embracing the Crazy: An Update

Tug of War

Weeping Willows

Tug of War: Update #1

Tug of War: Update #2

Life in the Jungle

Effective Communication: IEPs

Red Rover, Red Rover

A New Hope

School Days Continue

Dear Director of Special Education

Fall Break and Home Depot

Successfully Completed A School Year

It’s A Squirrel Update: Part 2

One Size Fits All: Individual Choices for Individual Children ~ Why we public and home school.


Moms At War

My Autism Struggles Part 1

My Autism Struggles Part 2

Wanted for Kidnapping

Autism Is Perfect

Autism and Faith

Autism and Faith

Autism and Faith: How My Faith Has Changed

Autism and Faith: My Child With Autism

All About My Son With Autism

Mind Your Own Business & Don’t Laugh, It’s Autism!

Christmas Vacation Reflections

Zombie Apocalypse and Mornings With Autism

Medicate Debate and My Son

Wanna Play? 

Parts of a Whole

A Year of Gratitude: He Did It!

No More Arguing!

And Some Days…

Guest Posts

10 Ways to Handle an Autism Meltdown ~ Written by Chad Herrington

10 Autism Myths Busted ~ Written for The Homeschool Post

Autism Is … Persevereance ~ Written for JenniferAJanes

Other Posts

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3 thoughts on “Real Life Autism

  1. I just breathed a sigh of relief because someone understands what is happening in my family. I’ve only read on article and I feel like crying. Thank you for sharing your experience. I can’t wait to read more!

    Angela Phillips

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