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Successfully Completed A School Year

As the school year winds down, I think back to this time two years ago. It seems like yesterday, but also an eternity ago… I have always loved the end of the school year, both as a student and a teacher. The excitement in the air as the year winds down and the summer winds… Continue reading Successfully Completed A School Year

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Effective Communication & IEPs

When the phone rings at 8pm on a Sunday night and it is a local number that no one knows, we generally assume it is the wrong number. I usually answer to let them know and go on about my business. This time was different.  I answered the phone with my usual hello? and was surprised… Continue reading Effective Communication & IEPs

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Held Hostage

At 4:50 this morning, I woke up to find that the power was out. After looking to see if the neighbors had power and reporting the outage, I began to tackle my morning in the dark. I couldn’t make breakfast since we had no cereal and I couldn’t cook.  Frustrating, but at least D can… Continue reading Held Hostage