Lilla Rose ~ Review

  Two little girls, one loves her comfort, the other? Everything in life is about glitz and glamour! When Pouty and I started seeing the Lilla Rose Flexi-Clips everywhere, I quickly stopped the begging! She would tell me about her friends’ clips, and I would explain that there is no way I would pay what… Continue reading Lilla Rose ~ Review

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Reading Eggs ~ Review

As a homeschooling family, learning to read is the one area where we put the most emphasis. It was a bit of a struggle for Spike, though that could have been because I was comparing her to D…. When the opportunity to review Reading Eggs came along, since we already knew it worked, I was… Continue reading Reading Eggs ~ Review


Hello Fresh ~ Review

  I love trying new recipes. I love trying quick and easy recipes. That’s why the opportunity to review Hello Fresh was an exciting opportunity for us! Mosaic Reviews had 4 groups of reviewers, allowing for each group to try a new set of recipes. I must say, you need to go read all of… Continue reading Hello Fresh ~ Review