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What Defines A Person?

  I have a young man, a beautiful, smart, creative, young man. He is the light of my life, the one who has taught me more than I ever learned in any academic setting.   My son has taught me how to be a mama. He has taught me that no two kids are the… Continue reading What Defines A Person?

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Why I deleted 100+ FaceBook Friends

  I have a friend, a dear mentor, whose prayers and tutelage have given me two great mottos to live by. They are the reason why I deleted 100+ FaceBook friends. Why I Deleted 100+ FaceBook Friends FaceBook is full of drama. No matter what is posted, someone will find fault. Whether a person posts… Continue reading Why I deleted 100+ FaceBook Friends

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Sunshine on a Rainy Day ~ Hands Free Mama

  The rain was falling and my anxiety was rising. I was worried about D since it was his first time away at camp, and I was upset with the condition our house was in. There were toys, art supplies, and pieces of paper everywhere, and I needed to restore order. I had the little… Continue reading Sunshine on a Rainy Day ~ Hands Free Mama