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Seriously? Official Numbers!

As a former public school employee, filling many roles including teacher, bus driver, and more, I understand the importance of security and the jobs each person in the building has. I understand there is a lot of responsibility for orderliness, safety, and welfare before the kids ever get through the front door. Once they are… Continue reading Seriously? Official Numbers!

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One Size Fits All: Individual Choices for Individual Children

In high school, I was far from the thinnest girl in any of my classes, and quickly learned I never would be. What drove it home even more were four little words that were on the tags of lots of night shirts, robes, swimsuit covers, and more… One Size Fits All   In life, one… Continue reading One Size Fits All: Individual Choices for Individual Children

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It’s A Squirrel Update (Part 2)

In case you missed it, I posted an update last week about the younger two squirrels. I gave a little detail about Samoo and his tornadic threes, as well as an update on Pouty. Pouty’s update gave some background and information about where we stand with her medical concerns. Spike has finished Kindergarten! I have no idea… Continue reading It’s A Squirrel Update (Part 2)