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Holding Our Anchor

As our family travels through a familiar storm, we are holding our anchor while Satan’s lies continue to creep in. They continue to tell me that I’m not enough, I didn’t do enough, I created this, this is my fault. The storm is tossing our family back and forth. We are the battered and torn… Continue reading Holding Our Anchor

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That’s My Story

  That’s My Story I have known for a long time that the day would come when I would hear the words, Mama, will you please stop sharing about me on Facebook and your blog? That’s my story, I don’t want others to know so much about me. Part of me really thought it would come before… Continue reading That’s My Story

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What Do My Children Think About Me?

  Social media is full of fun little quizzes and questionnaires that make us smile, or outright belly laugh. There are the ones that ask you to look at your friends list and list the people who would be a part of the zombie apocalypse with you, or the ones who would get arrested with… Continue reading What Do My Children Think About Me?