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Residential Treatment & The Family

When I posted this, I promised to share how I reacted when the Beautiful Mama made a general, public comment. Admittedly, I reacted very defensively to begin with and am embarrassed by that. Please know, this post is not meant to make anyone feel sorry for us. It is not meant to be a pity… Continue reading Residential Treatment & The Family

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My Lottery Dreams (& a nightmare)

My lottery dream changes slightly every time I talk about it. There are the things that are constant; I’d give money to family to ensure they are cared for long term. I’d buy a moderate, but not over the top house. I’d be sure my kids were well cared for long term. Today, my dream… Continue reading My Lottery Dreams (& a nightmare)

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Listening, Loving, Judging, Understanding

“Never try to judge people, just try to understand them.  If you understand them, you won’t need to judge them.” (@LeadToday – Twitter) Every so often there is a tweet that hits home in a way that makes me want to share it with everyone. It makes me want to say, “Read this and then,… Continue reading Listening, Loving, Judging, Understanding