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Red Rover, Red Rover

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send D Right Over!Sometimes, in the life of parents, we watch our children play games on the playground. As teachers, I always enjoyed watching kids play on the playground. Listening to their giggles, their laughter, watching them run, and getting sweaty always made me smile. It made my heart so happy.… Continue reading Red Rover, Red Rover

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Effective Communication & IEPs

When the phone rings at 8pm on a Sunday night and it is a local number that no one knows, we generally assume it is the wrong number. I usually answer to let them know and go on about my business. This time was different.  I answered the phone with my usual hello? and was surprised… Continue reading Effective Communication & IEPs

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Life in the Jungle

I have recently taken to calling the kids my squirrels. Some days they are like wild little animals…much more like rabid hyenas in a crazy jungle than cute little squirrels running up and down the trees in the front yard collecting nuts for the long winter to come. Maybe I should start calling them hyenas instead… Continue reading Life in the Jungle