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Nature Hikes and Research Skill Development ~ Part 1

One of the most wonderful things about our area is the amount of effort that the county puts into the parks. I used to think parks were all about the playground equipment, but we have grown to a point where we don’t focus on the equipment.┬áThis area wins a gold medal for the efforts put… Continue reading Nature Hikes and Research Skill Development ~ Part 1

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Wizzy Gizmo Review

  *I received a free FAST TRACK BIBLE PACK set, in exchange for an honest Wizzy Gizmo Review. This review was hosted by Home and School Mosaics and Wizzy Gizmo.* Her name was Melissa, I believe she was a student my mom taught in Clarksville, TN…or maybe it was somewhere in Louisiana? I remember a… Continue reading Wizzy Gizmo Review

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First Grade Transformation

  When I worked in the school system, as a teacher’s assistant and as a classroom teacher, I often saw a transformation take place in children during the school year. I loved seeing how children matured significantly over short breaks from school. The biggest changes, I think, happened with children in kindergarten and first grades.… Continue reading First Grade Transformation