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Seasons of Gratitude

  I look at the seasons of each year, they each have their own characterics and purpose in the cycle of life. Without the warmth and rain in the spring, new grass and flowers couldn’t grow. Without the cooling temps and colorful leaves in autumn, they wouldn’t fall off the trees, making a warmer ground… Continue reading Seasons of Gratitude

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A Year of Gratitude: God’s Faithful Servants

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13  Last week on Facebook, I saw a very special person posting poems and tributes to a fallen firefighter. I read them, liked them, and prayed for the family, but also hoped I was wrong that one of his comrades… Continue reading A Year of Gratitude: God’s Faithful Servants

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My Autism Struggles: Part I

Walking through the autism maze with D has certainly left me puzzled and frustrated at times. Intellectually, I know the answers to my questions, but as a human being, sometimes I just cannot grasp it.  Sometimes, to be quite honest, I want to say, “You’re too darn smart to give in to the autism, so suck… Continue reading My Autism Struggles: Part I