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I Am A Fake

  My desire in life is to share God’s love with others. I want everyone I come in contact with to be drawn closer to God simply because they have met me. I want everyone to see the beauty of God’s love, God’s grace, and the perfection that comes from living my life for Christ.… Continue reading I Am A Fake

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God of Miracles

Sunday I was at church, but very distracted. The only thing I remember from the entire sermon is the pastor asking if anyone in the congregation knew someone¬†personally¬†who had been the recipient of a truly miraculous healing. A few people raised their hands, someone near by even shared a story with me. My heart was… Continue reading God of Miracles

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Answering Satan’s Call With God’s Promises

    2013 was not an easy year for our family. We saw a lot of illness, two hospitalizations, unemployment, welfare lines, psychiatric emergency rooms with D, and more. Many times during the year I found myself weary, worn, fighting bouts of depression, falling prey to Satan’s tactics to grab hold of and tear me… Continue reading Answering Satan’s Call With God’s Promises