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Special Needs Parenting – Lonely, Not Alone

I stuck my hands in the hot, soapy dishwater and felt the sting where the skin was broken. I pulled them out and leaned my arms against the sink, burying my head in my hands to cry, but I felt the tenderness and pain of the bruises…the tears wouldn’t even flow. The bruises weren’t skin… Continue reading Special Needs Parenting – Lonely, Not Alone

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Please Support Tamara Thomas

Tamara Thomas is a devoted wife and mother of four young children. She has been dealing with serious health issues for more than 10 years with no answers. Praise God, Tamara finally found a medical team that was devoted to figuring out what was going on. On August 6, 2014, Tamara is undergoing a major… Continue reading Please Support Tamara Thomas

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Are We God’s Puppets?

Mommy, are we just God’s puppets? Since the Bible says he is in control, aren’t we puppets? Wow! Now that’s a loaded question coming from the mouth of a complex, concrete thinker. I almost said Well, kind of… but before the words came out of my mouth I quickly asked, HELP??    God made Adam and Eve, and… Continue reading Are We God’s Puppets?