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Wanna Play?

Being on the Autism Spectrum usually includes not showing social or emotional reciprocity. This can be identified by a child who prefers to be alone, does not participate in social games, and uses other individuals as tools in their play. In other words, these kids do not necessarily play with others and when they do,… Continue reading Wanna Play?

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Effective Communication & IEPs

When the phone rings at 8pm on a Sunday night and it is a local number that no one knows, we generally assume it is the wrong number. I usually answer to let them know and go on about my business. This time was different.  I answered the phone with my usual hello? and was surprised… Continue reading Effective Communication & IEPs

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Tug of War: Update #2

In the 7th grade, we were playing tug of war during field day. We won which sent us all toppling backwards as the other team came tumbling forwards. I broke my arm, but we won and that’s all that mattered!! Tuesday, October 11, 2011, we had the meeting with D’s school to develop his IEP.… Continue reading Tug of War: Update #2