Charlie the Tramp ~ Review & Giveaway

Charlie the Tramp is celebrating 50 years of adorable! Russell and Lillian Hoban did such a fantastic job of writing and illustrating this story, I felt myself getting choked up while I read it. Yes, I got emotional reading this classic children’s story book. If you’re a new reader, there are two things you should… Continue reading Charlie the Tramp ~ Review & Giveaway

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The Mud Puddle (of life)

Round and round, wind in my hair and holding on for life…until I land in the mud puddle. SPLAT! As a child, I loved listening to the squeaking and laughter surrounding my little world on the merry go round. I would watch the sky swirling above,¬†where would I stop? Would I be able to stand… Continue reading The Mud Puddle (of life)

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Holding Our Anchor

As our family travels through a familiar storm, we are holding our anchor while Satan’s lies continue to creep in. They continue to tell me that I’m not enough, I didn’t do enough, I created this, this is my fault. The storm is tossing our family back and forth. We are the battered and torn… Continue reading Holding Our Anchor