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You Are So Lucky

You’re so lucky you were adopted by a white family… These are the words my son heard the last week of kindergarten. His teacher’s assistant pulled him aside, I guess…Dear Lord, I hope…thinking she was helping him in some way. In what, I hope, was her attempt at helping, her inappropriately spoken words had a… Continue reading You Are So Lucky

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Disney On Ice: Princesses and Heroes

  One of D’s obsessions is ice skating, he has loved it since watching the Olympics in 2010. It is not a constant obsession, but one that is resurrected with the cold weather as winter enters. He has a partner most of the time, Pouty enjoys ice skating on the wood floors with socks as… Continue reading Disney On Ice: Princesses and Heroes

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What I Love About You

What I love about you, there are so many things…But, have I told you? Lisa, from Chaos Appreciation, posted Five Things I Love About You on The Homeschool Post. Her idea was to write love notes to her children for 5 days. Each new day she wrote another thing she loved about each child and… Continue reading What I Love About You