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Changing My One Direction

It always starts with a One Direction concert by my awesome, amazing son, D. The boy loves to crank the music and sing…LOUD. We have┬áconcerts in the living room, complete with homemade instruments and plenty of noise. He loves to perform, anything that draws attention to him is game on…INSIDE the house. He is entirely… Continue reading Changing My One Direction

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Sunshine on a Rainy Day ~ Hands Free Mama

  The rain was falling and my anxiety was rising. I was worried about D since it was his first time away at camp, and I was upset with the condition our house was in. There were toys, art supplies, and pieces of paper everywhere, and I needed to restore order. I had the little… Continue reading Sunshine on a Rainy Day ~ Hands Free Mama

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Learning to Knit

  A few weeks before Christmas, Pouty asked me to teach her to knit. Sure thang, puddin’ tang! Oh wait…I don’t know how to knit… Yeah, that’s a slight problem. We bought a kit that was supposed to teach us how to knit in a few quick minutes at a book store. That kit was… Continue reading Learning to Knit