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Bible in 90 Days – Round 3

There was a time in my life that I was pretty active on Twitter. In fact, so active that I had essentially abandoned Facebook…. I know, I know … You should have been warned to take a seat… ­čśë For months, I watched friends who were tagging their tweets with #B90Days. What was this┬áBible in… Continue reading Bible in 90 Days – Round 3

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A Useless Vine ~ Ezekiel 15

Each day as I have my quiet, or not so quiet, time with the Lord, I read my daily devotion and usually read a few corresponding verses. If I am doing a Bible study, I will also work on that. If not, I have another method for choosing the reading that day. I put my… Continue reading A Useless Vine ~ Ezekiel 15

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Truth About Loving Sinners

Sinners should not judge. I’m not a sinner, I’m perfect. I am free to cast the first stone because I live in a brick house. I am allowed to judge and make assumptions in whatever ways I desire. That’s the great thing about being a Christian. And since I am so perfect, here is the… Continue reading Truth About Loving Sinners