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Real Life Autism ~ Top Ten Posts

I share a lot about our life and autism. This isn’t about the causes or other scholarly information, this is just Real Life Autism.  I recently created a page for most of the posts I have written related to autism. Since there are many posts on that page, I thought I would pull some of the most… Continue reading Real Life Autism ~ Top Ten Posts

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High Functioning Autism: Characteristics

….but he doesn’t look autistic!  Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that from friends, acquaintances, people at church, teachers, therapy and medical professionals. They have all said it at one point or another, although,Yes, D does have high functioning autism.  What does High Functioning Autism look like? Neuro-Typical Days Many… Continue reading High Functioning Autism: Characteristics

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My Autism Struggles: Part I

Walking through the autism maze with D has certainly left me puzzled and frustrated at times. Intellectually, I know the answers to my questions, but as a human being, sometimes I just cannot grasp it.  Sometimes, to be quite honest, I want to say, “You’re too darn smart to give in to the autism, so suck… Continue reading My Autism Struggles: Part I