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I’ve been ‘VagueBooking’

We all know Facebook is a place for each of us to share with our 300+ closest friends and relatives every time we use the bathroom, clean the kids’ rooms, or make some delicious recipe that turned out horrible, despite how it looked on Pinterest, right? Occasionally someone will post something extremely vague and it… Continue reading I’ve been ‘VagueBooking’

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High Functioning Autism: Anxiety

I could hear the anxiety in his voice, just thinking about being in the same situation and making the same choices. The anxiety associated with his high functioning autism prevents him from doing so many things…things that I am sure he would enjoy without such extreme anxiety. This is part 3 of a series on… Continue reading High Functioning Autism: Anxiety

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Successfully Completed A School Year

As the school year winds down, I think back to this time two years ago. It seems like yesterday, but also an eternity ago… I have always loved the end of the school year, both as a student and a teacher. The excitement in the air as the year winds down and the summer winds… Continue reading Successfully Completed A School Year