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You Are So Lucky

You’re so lucky you were adopted by a white family… These are the words my son heard the last week of kindergarten. His teacher’s assistant pulled him aside, I guess…Dear Lord, I hope…thinking she was helping him in some way. In what, I hope, was her attempt at helping, her inappropriately spoken words had a… Continue reading You Are So Lucky

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Happy 10th Birthday

My Dearest First Son,  For years, I have written this letter in my head. How I ended up writing it almost a week late I have no idea. It could be that I had so much to say I couldn’t get it all out. Maybe it’s that we were so busy that I was spending… Continue reading Happy 10th Birthday

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How the Journey Began: D’s adoption story (Part III)

A star is born and the journey truly begins… Monday, November 5, 2001 started out like any other day. I went to work, came home, did nothing. I think I ate some dinner, watched some tv, and played on the computer. In fact, I vaguely remember it, but remember it like it was yesterday all… Continue reading How the Journey Began: D’s adoption story (Part III)