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First Grade Transformation

  When I worked in the school system, as a teacher’s assistant and as a classroom teacher, I often saw a transformation take place in children during the school year. I loved seeing how children matured significantly over short breaks from school. The biggest changes, I think, happened with children in kindergarten and first grades.… Continue reading First Grade Transformation

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Love of The Father, Love of A Mother

This video explains the love of God in a way that still leaves God’s love indescribable. This video also explains the love of a mother in a way that still leaves that love indescribable. How can they be so similar, yet so far from being the same? With the love of God, I have the… Continue reading Love of The Father, Love of A Mother

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Effective Communication for Parents

Communication is something so simple and difficult that we can never put it in simple words.  ~ T.S. Matthews Raising children is hard on the best days with the best children. When you introduce a disability into the mix, it becomes, at times, overwhelmingly difficult. There is information thrown at parents of children with disabilities… Continue reading Effective Communication for Parents