When God Speaks

Leading up to the Titus 2:1 Conference, I began to pray that all of the women who attended, especially me, would have our mouths quiet, our minds clear, and our hearts open. I prayed that we would all be still and listen to His words and that He would answer any prayer requests we had,… Continue reading When God Speaks

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No Coincidences with God

From the moment I decided that I was supposed to be at the Titus 2:1 conference, Satan tried to keep me away. I would start to doubt that I was supposed to be there and he would step right up to nudge me away. I spent a lot of time trying to talk myself out… Continue reading No Coincidences with God

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Top 10 About Me Before 2:1 Conference

I’m joining Bowmania and several other ladies attending the 2:1 Conference next weekend for Top Ten Tuesday for 2:1 Conference. Hope I don’t scare my roommates away! 🙂 10. I have never been away from all of my kids at once. Yes, they’ve individually spent the night with an aunt or grandparent, but I have not had a… Continue reading Top 10 About Me Before 2:1 Conference