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Holding Our Anchor

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As our family travels through a familiar storm, we are holding our anchor while Satan’s lies continue to creep in.

They continue to tell me that I’m not enough, I didn’t do enough, I created this, this is my fault.

Holding Our Anchor

The storm is tossing our family back and forth. We are the battered and torn boat, and the storm just keeps beating us. We can so easily give up, let our boat float to sea, but our Anchor holds.

We grasp the end of the rope while the Anchor steadies us in the water. He was here before the storm, He is in the storm, and He will be with us when we come out of the storm.

He holds the power to calm the storm, but He also holds the power to calm us.

We see the Son, He is there watching after us. He knows that better things are on the horizon, and so as we look out beyond the storm, we continue to trust and hold onto the promises He holds.

We cry out…

Abba, Father, hold us and protect us. Lord, we are broken-hearted and our spirits are crushed. We ask that you use this to teach us and to make us better servants for you. We ask, Father, that you will use our pain to further your Kingdom on earth. Let us continue to share the blessings through the difficulties, because there are many. I continue to see your hands in this storm. Lord, I trust and believe you and your promises. In the name of your Holy Son, Amen


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