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That’s My Story

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That’s My Story

I have known for a long time that the day would come when I would hear the words, Mama, will you please stop sharing about me on Facebook and your blog? That’s my story, I don’t want others to know so much about me.

Part of me really thought it would come before this age, but a bigger part of me hoped it wouldn’t come until this story was fully told. I hoped he would let me keep sharing his story, but I also respect his desire to keep his story for himself.

That's Not My Story To Share

I started sharing what I thought was our story as a cathartic way to handle the stress. Then, I made a sort of a deal with God, Lord, if I have to go through this, please let me help other parents. I wanted other parents to know they were not alone. I felt so lonely, as if there was not another person who had ever experienced the pain I was experiencing, and I never wanted another parent to experience that.

As the years have passed, this blog has been a hodge podge of real life stuff. Catharsis, sharing, homeschooling, my personal reflections, and just stuff.

I had considered ending this blog, creating a new image, and starting over, but I prayed for direction and it just wouldn’t come. I believe that’s because what is here needs to stay. Parents need to know that they are not alone, we need to know that our feelings and emotions are normal. We love our children unconditionally, but that does not mean that raising them is easy. Kids, ALL KIDS, are hard to raise at times!

There may be times that David will agree for me to share parts of his story, but it is that … HIS story. Until he says, Mama, share this or that on your blog, I will continue with our hodge podge. I will share about some awesome homeschool field trips, fun lessons, craziness of the kids, and what’s on my heart. Especially what is on my heart, in hopes that those heart posts touch your heart, too.

The Next Chapter

I have had a book on my heart for a few years, sharing another story, MINE. I will be sharing about my personal growth and spiritual transformation through some difficult, scary days. I pray that this book will show God’s love and faithfulness to us, His children. His love never fails.

I ask that you please join me in prayer over this book. I pray that God will take over my heart and my thoughts, that He will use my hands to type HIS words. I want this book to give Him glory and honor.



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