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Wizzy Gizmo Review

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*I received a free FAST TRACK BIBLE PACK set, in exchange for an honest Wizzy Gizmo Review. This review was hosted by Home and School Mosaics and Wizzy Gizmo.*

Her name was Melissa, I believe she was a student my mom taught in Clarksville, TN…or maybe it was somewhere in Louisiana?

I remember a little about what she looked like, nothing about her personality.

I remember staying at her house for a few hours one evening. I don’t remember why, but I remember she lived in a single wide mobile home on a shady lot.

I don’t remember what we had for dinner, but I remember we drank milk…at my house we would have had water or tea.

I don’t remember that we played, but I do remember that we sat at the feet of her parents and had children’s Bible study.

I don’t remember what the study was about, but I do remember that she could recite Psalm 23 and I was in awe.

I am still in awe because I have a difficult time remembering verses or passages word for word. I can tell you the verse, more or less. I can tell you where I think it is in the Bible. I can rarely recite it word for word.

Who is Wizzy Gizmo?

Wizzy Gizmo Review

One of the things that I feel most important for me to teach my children, as a homeschool mom or not, is the Word of God.

I want them to be like Jesus, when Satan was tempting him. I want them to be able to recite God’s Word as if it were the air they breathe.

As much as the air they breathe, I want them to understand and live by those words they can recite.

Only with that true understanding and ability to live and breathe God’s Word, do I think they will be able to stand up for the TRUTH in this broken world we live in.

I am always looking for new, easier ways to learn about the Bible, so that I can be a better teacher for my children.

When Home & School Mosaics had the opportunity to review Wizzy Gizmo, I was pretty excited.

Wizzy Gizmo was created by a group of parents, pastors, and homeschoolers who are dedicated to “Equipping Children for Life by Exploring God’s Word”. Perfect, Right?

I was given the opportunity to review the Fast Track Bible Pack. This is a set of cards, one for each book of the New Testament, and each packed with information! The scripture used is taken from the New American Standard Bible.

Wizzy Gizmo Collage

The Fast Track Bible Pack Cards

The cards are a perfect size for little hands, they seem to be easy to wipe off the dirt that little hands might share, and they are easy to read and identify each area on the front and back.

The front of each card has 6 sections.

  • The name of each book is identified by bold print in the overview. The overview is the main section on the front of each card, it gives the main idea and some key facts about each book.
  • There is a number that corresponds to the number of the book in the New Testament. (Matthew – 1, Mark – 1, Titus – 17, etc)
  • A box at the top right of each card showing how many chapters in each book.
  • An author box, showing who the author is and a bit about each author.
  • A timeline that shows when each book was written.
  • The theme is found on the bottom of each card. Matthew’s theme is JESUS AS KING.

The back of each card has 6 sections. Each section is color coded for easy identification, also making the cards visually pleasing.

  • Title bar has the name of the book, the theme, and a sentence summary of the book.
  • Outline shows the primary topics covered in each book.
  • Key Chapters gives a chapter or set of chapters that cover a key topic such as John 13 – Last Supper/Foot washing: Judas’ betrayal/Peter’s denial predicted
  • Key Passages gives specific verses, excellent to use as memory verses.
  • Key Doctrines shares specific topics that should be learned.
  • Key People are the important people in each book, and most are identified with the corresponding verses where you can find them.

These cards have a lot to offer. They are a great way to study each book of the New Testament as a family, but also a great way for slightly older children to do their own Bible studies as well. In fact, I have enjoyed them and am learning from them!

I do wish they had enough margin on the left to punch holes to bind them into a small 3 ring binder. By doing that, I would cut off words, making it more difficult for my children to understand the text. That would make it easier for my kids to use the cards without my own OCD being concerned that they will be lost or out of order. lol

Find Wizzy Gizmo

Wizzy Gizmo also offers audio dramas and books. While we did not get to review those, we did get a sneak peak and they were really cute! In fact, the audio dramas are on the list of things I’d like to get the kids for Christmas. I would love to put them in the car and let them listen there, rather than … *gasp* … arguing over something. HA!

You can connect with Wizzy Gizmo in lots of places!

Also, please don’t take just my word for it, check more reviews on the Home & School Mosaics linkup.

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