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The New Astronomy Book ~ Moms of Masterbooks Review

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As a Christian, I want my children to have a biblical understanding of science. I started finding that understanding through Master Books, so when I had the opportunity to become a Moms of Masterbooks Reviewer, I was very excited!

The New Astronomy Book

While I love science, as a whole, I could generally care less about astronomy. I’m usually good with, there is a sun, a moon, gravity, it all goes around because God made it that way. I mean, really, what else is there to know?

The New Astronomy Book
This book is full of amazing information, answers to the questions my kids are asking about what the moon looks like, why can’t people live on other planets, and how do telescopes work?

The images and pictures in this book are beautiful. They really bring to life the subject of each chapter, giving the information a meaning that even my younger children can begin to understand. Not to mention, even I am amazed by them and the information despite my not really caring much about astronomy.

Features That Stand Out

  • Three Levels – The chapters in the book are broken into three levels. Level One is basic information, and is intended for all learners. Level Two is a more in depth level of information. This level, I would recommend for students in upper elementary with a higher interest level, or more likely middle school students. This level encourages these learners to dig deeper into the material. Finally, Level Three is for your highest level students. This level is created to inspire more research with more advanced concepts and theories. Each of these levels build on one another creating an opportunity to use this book over and over throughout your children’s life.
  • Wonder Why? – This section is included as part of Level One. It gives a big more information about certain subjects that kids are interested in, such as How do things in space get their names?
  • The Stars of Heaven – This little emblem found throughout the book gives Bible verses related to space. It continues to impress upon our children that God is the creator of the universe and everything in it.
  • Mission Log – This is a little cell phone looking item in each chapter. It provides words to increase the vocabulary and comprehension of your learners.
  • Space Race – A small section included throughout the book that gives details about the history of space exploration and individuals who have contributed to it.

The New Astronomy Book (collage)

My kids love this book, and have been choosing to sit and read it when given ‘free reading’ time. The content of the book is excellent, and I am very pleased with the quality of the materials and construction of the book. Maybe I’ll even sneak away to read and learn a bit about astronomy!

Add To Your Library

To read more reviews by other Moms of Masterbooks, check out the New Leaf Publishing Blog post and link up.

The book can be found on the New Leaf Publishing Group website for $16.99.

I also found it on Amazon as a Kindle version and a less expensive hard cover edition.



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