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BUGS Big & Small God Made Them All ~ Review

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If we are driving down the road, and I run over a bug, does that mean that I’m killing God’s creation? Will he be mad at me? 

I kind of laughed when my college roommate asked me this question on one of our middle of the night road trips, but the thought has crossed my mind almost daily as I have stomped, swatted, and slapped BUGS! They are biting me, creeping me out, and ICK!

Why did God create mosquitoes anyway?




BUGS Big & Small God Made Them All ~ Review

Knowing that God has created these creepy, crawly creatures with features to protect themselves. Knowing each one is so small, yet has such a significant part in God’s big world … It reaffirms that God has created us with a plan. It reminds me, and I hope that with the accompanying Bible verses, it will remind my children of God’s love for us. He created this world, for me, you, them….He planned it with such intricacy. Our ecosystem is such that one type of mosquito eats the larva of another, more bothering mosquito. Without bees and there are all sorts of fruits and nuts we would not have. That right there, my friends, THAT IS CREATION!

The awesome thing about Masterbooks is the books are giving kids the chance to learn science with a Creation point of view. My husband has really enjoyed the books because it gives the science, almost all of the science is presented the way we learned it growing up, however the biblical facts are also given to back up the real science.

The book gives details about different types of BUGS. It tells where they live, their body parts, how they got their names, and other interesting facts. Did you know, children in the Amazon keep a certain type of BUG as a pet? I’m so thankful my kids are as creeped out by bugs as I am!

Each page has light green rectangles with black letters to highlight vocabulary and/or bug names. These are excellent context clues for my 2nd grader.

The book also has a little purple triangle with a bug on it called CREEPY COOL! This gives an interesting fact relevant to the page it is on.

In the back of the book, there is a page with different types of creepy crawling creatures and corresponding Bible verses. There is also a glossary of Words to Know from the reading.

Finally, the last couple of pages are removable flash cards The front of each card has a picture of a certain type of BUG, and the back has information about the bug.


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BUGS Big & Small God Made Them All, written by Will Zinke, is published by Masterbooks (A division of New Leaf Publishing).

My kids and I really liked the book, but don’t just take my word for it – Go check out the linkup on the Masterbooks Blog, see what others have to say about it! Also, join us for the Moms of Masterbooks Facebook Party on October 28th at 7p.m. CST. 

It can be found on Masterbooks for as little as 9.99.

The book is available on Amazon as both a Kindle edition for $9.99 and a Hardcover book for $12.64

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