My 4 Year Old Know It All

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My friends, those are the best search terms used to find my blog! With my 4 yo at Camp Mimi, it got my attention this week.

I get Max and Ruby Autism, High functioning autism characteristics, and questions about siblings of kids with autism regularly. This was nothing like that, this was an easy answered search, though…

My 4 year old acts like a know it all. Is that normal?

YES! Yes, in fact, that is normal.

4yo know it all

Yes, I do believe to some extent it is normal, and here is why…

Everyone wants to be an expert about something, some people want to be an expert about everything. Some people think they are the experts about everything, and sometimes children are at the top of the list…Ok, most of the time.

Really, don’t you remember how dumb your parents were at 4, 8, 14, 18, and then by the time you reached 25 you realized they might not have been quite as stupid as you gave them credit for.

Seriously…this 4 year old know it all… I’m an expert, mine have all been 4, they are all still at a certain stage of being know it alls. 😉

The brain is such a complex, rapid changing piece of the human puzzle. God created us with such intricacy, he created us to go through stages that build upon each other.

The four year old’s brain is developing in many areas, especially emotional/psychological. The four year old is trying to figure out the world around him and where exactly he fits. Aren’t we all??

So, as the typically developing 4 year old, (or insert any other age here, honestly), starts to figure out little pieces of the puzzle of life, he or she automatically becomes the expert. There is no way of convincing him or her otherwise because, “Miss So and So said xyz” or “Mr. Joe Brown told us a story about blah blah”

And, so there you have it my friends…How the 4 year old knows everything and we are now just the dumb parents!

What? You wanted me to tell you how to change it?

You can’t, Sorry…

Well there are a few things you can do …

1) Pray about it… Take everything to God in prayer, and that means your know it all 4 year old. Ask God for guidance to take that determination and know it all attitude from a level of frustration to a place where those things can be positive attributes to use for His glory! Also, pray for God to always guide your words and reactions. After a long day, it is easy to become frustrated with a know it all of any age!

2) Read books with your son or daughter. Picture books and story books are often a great way to explain things that they know everything about and we can’t quite find the words to explain. Especially books with a Christian worldview, they give you the biblical foundation in addition to the knowledge.

3) Play with your son or daughter. Playing opens up a world of possibilities for conversation and for learning the important things in life – manners, good behavior, and loving Christ. Samoo is 4, and playing with him and his cars, we have been able to have some serious heart to heart discussions. I’ve been able to tell him about why we treat people well, why we love God, what faith is, and many other things that he believes he is an expert about.

4) Did I mention pray? What about read your Bible? Seriously, God knows we struggle with these children. I mean, look at us! If He, the creator of all the world, struggles with us and our human tendencies to know everything…don’t you know we are going to struggle? Don’t you know that He knew we would struggle as parents, but He loves us and He wants to be with us every step of the way. So, carry your struggles to Him through prayer and studying His word. I am always amazed by how much great parenting advice he gives us in the Bible!


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