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Sunshine on a Rainy Day ~ Hands Free Mama

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The rain was falling and my anxiety was rising. I was worried about D since it was his first time away at camp, and I was upset with the condition our house was in.

There were toys, art supplies, and pieces of paper everywhere, and I needed to restore order.

I had the little squirrels help me pick up the front of the house, and then I went diving in head first in D’s room. Samoo and I worked for about two hours, we got the room organized and cleaned out.

The girls had a day to really play on the computer and watch whatever they wanted with minimal interruption.

I was looking for some sunshine on a rainy day by cleaning D’s room and taking my mind off of how he was doing at camp.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day




Sunshine on a Rainy Day


After reading this week’s section and finishing up the first chapter of Hands Free Mama, what I realized is that I was too busy crossing things off of my to do list, and not enough time really seeing the sun shine. I should have taken that time to make some memories with the little ones. I could have gone dancing in the rain, or done some sort of craft project with all of that stuff spread throughout the house…Next time I will!

Marriage Weather

July 24th is our wedding anniversary. 15 years ago in Pigeon Forge, TN the day was HOT! The sun was shining and the humidity was sweltering, but the day was blessed. Just as the reception began to wind down and it was time for us to leave, the rain came and drenched us!

We have certainly had our rainy days in the last 15 years. We have had storms that have shaken our marriage and family, drowning us in sorrow and fear. There is always a rainbow, sunshine. Son shine…

Losing Real Time


Society has moved away from face to face interaction. Chad and I have been in the same house sending text or instant messages.
Rather than picking up the phone, we send an email or a text to our friend across town.

Why are we, God’s people, no longer interacting the way that we were meant to? Why are we no longer spending real time together?

Even when we do, it’s often with a phone, tablet, etc in our faces, little or no eye contact and conversation with the other person.

There are times that I hide behind my phone, or the laptop. I am missing those moments of sunshine that are often difficult to find during the storms of life. If I am hiding behind my phone to avoid facing the storm, I am also avoiding the people who mean the most to me.

I don’t mean that life with electronics is bad. I have been blessed by my online life in more ways than I can count. Chad and I first met online, after all. Some of my best friends were first made online. Without them, I could not have made it through some of the storms of life.

However, I cannot face the storms from behind the screen if I want to find the Son or sunshine.

Sunshine in the Storms


Some of the sunshine on a rainy day moments in our marriage have been…

  • Finding out we were chosen to be the parents of an amazing baby who was currently being carried by another mama
  • Seeing D smile during his first time on a roller coaster at King’s Dominion
  • Finding out I was finally pregnant after the reproductive endocrinologist told us we should probably consider adoption for a second time
  • Listening to the laughter of children who have no idea the heartache that their parents are enduring
  • Receiving handmade cards from little girls who want their Mama to know how much she is loved
  • Spending time with my husband at night, after the kids are in bed, even if we don’t say a word
  • A rainbow that was a full circle while we were visiting D during his time at RTC
  • Finding a church that has fed our family spiritually, helping us to put God back at the center of our marriage and our family
  • Watching our marriage grow through difficult times, and growing closer together
  • Being blessed with the chance to love and mold 4 little people to help them become Christlike adults

Blessed Marriage

I’ve always heard rain on your wedding day is good luck. The real luck is having a God that has blessed our marriage and continues to bless our family with moments of sunshine during the storms.

I realize that I have missed many sunshine moments in our marriage, and while raising our children. I was not looking for them, but also I wasn’t able to see them because I have been stuck behind a screen.

I don’t want to miss another moment! I don’t want to survive the storms, I want to live them, look for the moments when the sun and the Son shine.

Are you missing sunshine moments during the rainy days? Would you like to join me on my journey to become a Hands Free Mama?

*Note: Rachel Macy Stafford, author of Hands Free Mama, called these Sunset Moments. 

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