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The Consensus On Mass Shootings

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So, here’s what it all boils down to…there will never be a consensus with regards to guns, mental health, video games, tv shows, etc.

Consensus on Mass Shootings

The consensus on mass shootings – We have a problem.

I believe the first, most important thing in fixing this is that we have to teach our children, no matter what the underlying issues are, that life is a sacred gift. It is not to be taken by anyone except The One who gave it.

No matter what, we have to start at home, and then the kid next door, and the kid next door to him. We have to teach our children to listen, with love, to those around them. We have to teach them that telling an adult what they hear, is done out of love, not a form of tattling. We have to listen when our children tell us something, and as parents, we cannot be afraid to say to one another, “I love your child, and I know you love your child, so…let’s talk.”

Until we come together as a society who values life, and as a society who wants to bring Christ into the lives of children, so they can know True, Eternal love and peace…we will not stop these mass killings — no matter how much gun control, mental health reform, or anything else.

With Christian love, I thank you all for discussing these issues like adults today. It helped me work through some things that were haunting my thoughts.

I love you all, and pray, that we can set our personal views aside, and come together as one to say, “I won’t be afraid to tell you I am concerned about your child. Please, tell me the same.”

In Christ’s Love,

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