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I’m putting down my phone…

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It has been a struggle, this ongoing conversation between God and me …

Putting Down My Phone


You’re missing it, Lena…

What am I missing, God?

You’re missing the giggles. You’re missing the smiles.

You’re missing the funny things they try to tell you.

You’re missing the chance to watch them laugh with you, their daddy, and each other.

You’re missing the most special moments that I have blessed you with.

You’re doing these other things in a way to answer what you believe is your calling, but …

Do you care where I really called you to serve?

About putting my phone down

He has told me in the words of our pastor who has made comments about people being attached to their phones, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

He has told me in moments of prayer, moments of despair, moments of my children not listening or misbehaving.

I took a short break from Facebook for Lent, but bounced right back in. And then…

He told me through the words of my son, Mama, you spend so much time answering text messages to so and so that you didn’t hear my question.


I started praying, asking God to give me direction, and he said loud and clear, I already did!

I decided one morning to remove Facebook from my phone, and I turned off all of the notifications for other apps except one. That one has since been turned off…

The same morning I did that, someone sent me a private message with this book.

It piqued my interest, so off I went to read…and in less than 5 minutes, the book was ordered and on its way to our house. ETA was 4 days later because of the weekend, but it was in the mailbox the next morning.

God is serious, y’all! When he tells me to do something, he does not leave me alone!

I read the Introduction and cried…Then I read the first section of Chapter 1, and I cried again…

I love people. I love to connect with people, learn from them, share with them. I love to share the way God is working in my life. I pray that by sharing, I am sharing God’s love and helping others to know Him the way I do.

The introduction and first chapter made me realize something, though.

I was sharing my love with other people, but was too busy to share it with my own family and real life friends. I was connecting with other people, while being disconnected from my family. I was learning from and sharing with other people, but that left me no time to learn from and share with real life friends. 

I have chosen to join a couple of friends who are also feeling the conviction about holding the cell phone instead of their children’s hands. We are reading through the book together, I am going to blog my journey. If they choose to share their journey, I will link you later.

The book is written to be a one year plan of becoming hands free and reconnecting with your family. Each week has a Hands Free Weekly Intention. This is an activity or challenge of sorts to do after reading that week’s section.

I won’t promise to write every week, remember, I’m becoming hands free and reconnecting with those who mean the most. I will promise to keep you posted on what each week’s intention is, and how it has impacted me and our family. I promise to let you know how God convicts me as I read through the book and more importantly as I work on my list of priorities. I refuse to take pictures of my closets and show you how we worked as a family to clean them out, but I do promise to take pictures of our family and friends doing things together.

If you’d like to join us in reading, you can click the link above and order the book. Also, I’d love to have you comment, or send me a private message so that I can pray for your journey.


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