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Learning to Knit

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A few weeks before Christmas, Pouty asked me to teach her to knit.

Sure thang, puddin’ tang!

Oh wait…I don’t know how to knit… Yeah, that’s a slight problem.

We bought a kit that was supposed to teach us how to knit in a few quick minutes at a book store. That kit was quite a joke!

So, what else was a girl to do? I started polling my amazing, crafty friends on Facebook. We found out what size needles are good for little ones, the best yarn to try, and we headed to a local chain craft store.

We tried, we worked, we practiced … Pouty got the hang of it a lot quicker than I did. She had about 4 rows in the time it took me to figure out how to turn it and keep going. I was impressed…

She, on the other hand, was not happy with how it was turning out and became frustrated.

Learning to Knit and how Pouty threw me under the bus...

And that’s when…

My dear friend, Jennifer Janes, introduced us to loom knitting. She showed me some projects that she and her girls had been able to complete, she gave me a link to some inexpensive loom sets, and quickly, I was sold on giving it a shot…

For Pouty, of course…I wanted her to experience success and the pride of completing a project. Honest…It was all about her. Completely about her….

FINE! I wanted to try it! 🙂

I bought a loom set with the plans to break it up and give the kids each a loom for Christmas. Of course, I needed to test it first…To be sure they were really going to be able to feel the pride of completing a project in a reasonable amount of time…Honest…

Really…What? You don’t believe me?

So, I started knitting on the loom…I have worked to teach the girls to use the looms since Christmas, but neither of them has completed a project yet. They seem to get bored after a few rows and put it away. In fact, Spike is currently working on 3 separate projects. I look forward to her completing at least one…preferably the one she has going on her long loom.

I want to see how she likes the scarf she is making… It really has nothing to do with the blanket I am aching to make on it. I promise!

And then…Pouty threw me under the bus…And?

She ran over me!!

Chad told her, You need to get some school work done today.

Her response was, Well, I was going to do some school work yesterday, but Mommy never printed my math. She just had to knit all day long. She didn’t do anything all day but knit. 

Gee thanks, Pouty….I’ll remember that when you’re cold next winter and need a new scarf!

Seriously, I love knitting. It has become such a relaxing hobby. I have made hats, scarves, and like I said, I’m now working on the plans for an afghan. I just need to get Spike’s project finished. 😉

I do hope my girls enjoy it as much as I do.

I’m so thankful and blessed to have found a productive and constructive way to release some of my anxiety and frustration.



2 thoughts on “Learning to Knit

  1. If you’ve followed me the last few months, you know I share the same passion. But I’m smart, I’ve not taught Sarah how to loom knit yet so it’s all me! And I have two sets (one borrowed) as well as a rectangle loom so it’s mine, all mine! It is relaxing, makes me feel accomplished and I have things to give people. Like scarves, lots and lots of scarves. Knit on my friend, knit on 🙂

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