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Real Life Autism ~ Top Ten Posts

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I share a lot about our life and autismThis isn’t about the causes or other scholarly information, this is just Real Life Autism. 

I recently created a page for most of the posts I have written related to autism. Since there are many posts on that page, I thought I would pull some of the most popular posts out of the list. These posts, and a little teaser about what’s in them, are not listed in any certain order.

When you’re finished reading these posts, feel free to visit the Real Life Autism page and read more.

High Functioning Autism Top Ten Posts


Real Life Autism ~ Top Ten

  1. Max, Ruby, Autism, Real Life – I laugh nearly every day when I see that someone has found my blog by searching key words Max and Ruby and Autism, etc. Clearly I’m not the only one who has drawn her own conclusions about the popular NickJr cartoon, Max and Ruby.
  2. Medicate Debate and My Son – One of the scariest parts of raising a special needs child is making a decision about medical treatment. It is not an easy decision to make, nor is it one to be made lightly. This post describes a bit about the experience and decisions in our family.
  3. Mind Your Own Business & Don’t Laugh, It’s Autism – Many times autism is not something you can actually see, so it looks more like a rotten kid having an outburst. This post describes a perseveration, a mistake made by a business, and rotten customer service turned awesome!
  4. Autism and Faith: How My Faith Has Changed – Christianity is more than just a thing, it is an experience. It is an intimate relationship, sometimes achieved only through the most difficult times in life.
  5. Autism and Faith: My Child With Autism  – Can a child with autism be a born again Christian?
  6. Wanted for Kidnapping! – There was an APB, we were stopped, it was just as I had thought. The concerned, and rightfully so, passerby reported us for kidnapping. Honestly, I thank him for that! His call blessed me – Read how!
  7. Moms at War – What does it feel like? What does a mom go through on a daily basis as she fights one battle after another? Being a Mom at War is exhausting, scary, and hard. Read more about these precious moms and what they are dealing with.
  8. My Autism Struggles: Part 2 – The person with autism, or any other illness, is not the only one to suffer. Our family shares the struggles of autism. What happens when we are lashed out against, hit, screamed at, or otherwise a part of autism? Read my raw struggles.
  9. One Size Fits All: Individual Choices for Individual Children – We all know that cute ‘one size fits all’ night shirt is not really one size fits all. Neither is education, some children need a classroom, others can make the world their classroom. No matter the choices made, none are an easy decision to make.
  10. Autism is Perfect – Well, it is … It is perfectly crafted by God. Each child is fearfully and wonderfully made, no matter how hard it may be. Autism is perfect.


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