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Men? They Are Idiots!!

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 I am sick and tired of stupidity! I have had more than my share of ignoring, lack of compassion, lack of empathy, and lack of truth.

I am done with it! I refuse to continue to put up with it, and I refuse to allow it to continue in my home!

Face it, people…

Men Are Idiots

Men? They are Idiots!

Men talk bad about their wives, they watch too many ballgames, and they don’t listen when we speak to them. They don’t want anything to do with us unless they are looking for a fun time in the sack after the kids are gone to bed. They want to do whatever it is they desire to do and could care less about helping out around the house or with the children.

Men are too stupid to make a decision about important things in life, and when they do, they are the wrong decision. Women are obviously much better at making decisions about the kids’ clothes, the family, the expenses. Women are better at the mundane duties in the house like putting away the toys, washing the dishes, and choosing clothes or activities for the children.

Like I said, men are idiots!

Don’t believe me?

Turn on your tv! Watch one episode of any sitcom about a family in the last 15+ years and you’ll see I’m right.

We made the decision well over a year ago to get rid of our cable subscription. Since then, we have had Netflix, Hulu Plus, and only 1-2 local channels aside from PBS.

This has given us a lot more control over what types of television shows enter our home. It is a conscious effort to put a particular show on, therefore we think more about what we watch.

We have made the decision to watch, and re-watch, shows like Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, Cosby, and Curious George. We occasionally watch re-runs of shows like Wipe Out. Rarely, if ever, do we watch re-runs of sitcoms from the last 15-20 years.

During the time we spent watching tv while Chad was in the hospital, I watched husbands be made fun of by their wives. I watched their children undermine them. I even watched the parents and parents in law of these men go out of their way to make derogatory comments.

It was really heartbreaking!

These men, for the most part, were hard working, sincere, loving, caring, family men. These men were doing what was necessary to help raise their children and to help their wives. These were not drinkers and carousers, these were men who loved their wives and children. They were men who were helping to take care of their older parents. These were good men!

Love, Respect, and Family Preservation

Mama, if we don’t show Daddy love and respect, why would our children?  If we are not showing him that we love him, appreciate him, and respect his decisions for the family, why would the children? Do we want our husbands, the fathers of our children, to feel inferior, like the world thinks they are stupid? Do we want them to feel like we are keeping them around for convenience? 

How do we expect families to stay together? How do we expect to preserve families in our country, in our world, when we are degrading one another, not showing Godly love as we have been commanded?

In 1 Peter 3, we were commanded to respect our husbands and wives. We were commanded to show love, show respect, and show God through our holy lives, not through our words. By modeling this love and respect, our children also learn to show love and respect.

When the members of the family, those who should love each other the most in the world, are showing Godly love – I believe that then, and only then, will we see less divorce and more family preservation.

Challenging You

Wives, I know how hard it can be to acknowledge the good things our husbands are doing. When we would normally wash the little one’s hair and then the body, but Daddy is doing the opposite, it is hard for us to accept. When Daddy is allowing the kids one more juice box, but we had already decided they have met their juice box quota for the day, it is hard not to fuss because they have had so much juice and they will now wet the bed.

I totally understand that it is often easier to fuss and complain about these men than to acknowledge that they have helped us and done a great job.

My challenge to you is this …

Find three things this week to thank your husband for. Three things that show you appreciate and love him. Tell him that you appreciate him doing those things. Tell him that you love him. Tell him that he is doing a good job helping out in the family. Most importantly, be sure you let your children see you showing their father love and respect.

*Yes, I do realize that this is not the only reason that marriages end and families are falling apart.


4 thoughts on “Men? They Are Idiots!!

  1. Very good and exactly right! Criticism and non appreciation tears down instead of building up. The media shows an unfortunately negative picture. Sometimes it’s a reflection of real life, and sometimes it’s part of an agenda to mess up our families. I applaud your decision to limit and control TV viewing. Kudos! Thank you for backing up your post with Scripture, as well. Good job.

  2. I don’t know what to say besides thank you. This has been a long time coming and I’m sick and tired of people saying I’m an idiot just because I was born with a penis. COME ON! I don’t insult women because they have breasts! Why is it so okay, nay, expected and rewarded, when it’s the other way around? As much as I appreciate this post, I can’t help but feel it was a waste of breath. This message NEEDS to be heard by everyone. BADLY. But sadly, the only people who listen to nice people like you are the people who were taught things like this already. Only people who were taught at a young enough age to respect people, regardless of gender, are the ones who listen. The others stick their thumbs in their ears, and start singing. I don’t know when hate-mongering against the male sex became so popular, but I just know it’s going to stay that way for a long time. I’m sorry for my pessimistic view. This really is a good piece. But until the people who NEED to hear this listen up, crap ain’t gon’ happen.

  3. I bet he will have a blast with that. Great idea! And, hey, you might win that game I’m giving away too–that could be his srirpuse. Check back on Tuesday to see if you won and thanks for playing!

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