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What I Love About You

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What I love about you, there are so many things…But, have I told you?

Lisa, from Chaos Appreciation, posted Five Things I Love About You on The Homeschool Post. Her idea was to write love notes to her children for 5 days. Each new day she wrote another thing she loved about each child and put the notes somewhere in the house, so they had to find them.

I loved her idea, and decided to run with it.

What I Love About You

What I Love About You ~ Love Notes To My Children

As hard as it is to admit, the first day was kind of hard. Not because I couldn’t think of anything to say, but because I couldn’t pick just one thing. Also, I wanted to be sure each note had equal meaning for each child. I would never want any one child to think they were loved less than another, although we all know they are loved equally, but differently, kids often have a different perception.

Then it dawned on me, I was approaching this all wrong. I had not prayed about what to write on each note! 

So, I put my head down and prayed…and listened…and God spoke to me. He spoke the words for each child through me, as if he were the one writing the notes…right down to the Bible verses he wanted me to include. Yes, he even spoke that I was supposed to be including a perfect Bible verse for each child, each day.

On the first morning, each child woke up to a little post it note on their bedroom doors. I heard a set of feet coming towards me and a small voice asked, Mommy, what is this note that I found on mine and Spike’s door? We read the note together and I told her we would read the Bible verses together later.

Each child was excited about their note and when we read the Bible verses for each child that evening, I could see them each thinking about why I would choose each verse. We discussed what the verses meant, as a family, and also why they were chosen.

The next morning, they went searching for their notes and we had a very similar experience as we read the Bible verses together that night. The kids all listened intently and enjoyed the discussion about why each verse was chosen.

The next two nights I fell asleep and did not get the notes written. The little ones let me know they were terribly disappointed. Even to the point of asking, Mommy, please, please make sure you don’t fall asleep tonight. Please be sure you get our notes written. What’s a Mama to do, but be sure that no matter what, she gets those notes written!

I thought we would do this little experiment for only a few days and then let it go, but my children have much different expectations. They wake up every morning and look for a new note. They love the notes as much as I love the way they get excited about hearing what I wrote on each one.


What We Have Learned

And, they have shown me that each note, each word is important to them. Not only in their excitement and attentiveness when we read them, but in their behavior as well.

I have seen a significant improvement in the way they are treating each other, the way they listen, and the way they react when they are unhappy about something they are asked to do.

I have also seen a beautiful improvement in D’s attitude towards waking up and going to school each morning. He listens, despite his occasionally saying he is ignoring me, intently every morning. I read the note to him and then read the Bible passage while he stays under the covers. Eventually he peeks out from under the blanket and looks at me, curious about what the verses mean.

The biggest lesson for me, however, is that The little things in life are really the big things. Sharing such sweet, little moments with my children make the biggest, most significant changes in their lives.

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