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It’s A Squirrel Update (Part 2)

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Update on D and Spike

In case you missed it, I posted an update last week about the younger two squirrels. I gave a little detail about Samoo and his tornadic threes, as well as an update on Pouty. Pouty’s update gave some background and information about where we stand with her medical concerns.

Spike has finished Kindergarten! I have no idea how she can be 6 years old, already…much less to have finished Kindergarten!? We homeschooled this year and will continue to do so. She enjoys being homeschooled, for the most part, but she does have moments when she fusses because she thinks they have more breaks in public school. HA! She is sadly mistaken!

D helps Spike with reading

She is right on grade level across the board and has amazed me all year. She does very well in math and has great logic skills. We started reading off with a kick, but had a lull in the middle of the year. Near the end of the year we discovered an amazing reading program, Ooka Island Adventure. Once she got involved in this game, her reading picked up again. She went from being very apprehensive to sounding out everything! She even sounded out a word or two that I didn’t think she could, nor would! lol

I’ve already started gathering curriculum and making plans for next year, which I think we’ll start around mid-July. I can hardly believe Pouty will be doing K next year … and I’ll have a 1st grader, a 5th grader, and a preschooler!

Spike has bangs and a sunlight halo

Spike also just finished her first season of soccer. She had great coaches and learned a lot. Mostly, though, she enjoyed the time that was all about her! With a family of 4 children, one who requires so much time and attention, it is hard to find something just for you. She got out there with a smile on her face every week and smiled the entire time she was on the field.

Spike plays soccer

The best part about the league she played for, though, is the discipleship that happens. The league is part of the recreation program at our church and the coaches did as much with the heart of our children as they did with the soccer skills. I loved watching them pray with the children at the end of each practice. Knowing that my child has others who are helping to instill the Word of God is such a blessing.

I’m so proud of the little girl that she has become and pray that she continues to love God and love other people the way she does right now!

D at the park

After two exceptionally rough years, D has finally started to level out. I am constantly amazed at how far he has come! This little boy who once fought just to make it one minute to the next, who was so overwhelmed and could not find any other way to express himself, other than rages…the little boy who went through times of needing to be restrained for longer than I can even make myself think, just to keep us all safe…this little boy who 2 years ago was in residential treatment, after several hospitalizations (more than I can remember)…this little boy who missed an entire school year because his anxiety was so high that he would crawl under his bed, hold onto the rails, and cry, or we would carry to the car and he would attack me while I drove, crawl under Samoo’s carseat when we got in the parking lot, hold on for dear life…

This little boy had two of the most difficult years…two years that no child in the world should have to experience…two years that no adult, no person should have to experience…two years that unfortunately, too many children do experience…

This little boy, my sweet son, D … He has been a good boy all along, but he could not find the words, the skills, the way to make changes in his behavior and reactions to situations. He has a heart of gold and a desire to do well, but what looks like poor behavior is the way that he reacts to anxiety. His behaviors are mostly anxiety driven. He is an 11 year old boy, there are some behaviors that are just plain rotten because of that! haha

With the help of his psychiatrist, a teacher, a school-based therapist, and many others that I cannot begin to name…this little boy who was once experiencing all of those things just finished the 4th grade, with an A/B honor roll, with good attendance!! Wait, he was late…a lot…but considering he hadn’t been in school during the last school year, if he got to school it was a WIN!!

D and Samoo

He has learned so many coping skills, we are seeing him put those coping skills into practice. He got upset recently and rather than raging, tearing the house apart, attacking someone in the house, etc. D went to the bathroom, closed the door, cried for 20 minutes, and then got a shower. When he came out, he was over it.

YES!!! THIS!!! This is what we have been working towards!!! I cannot take the credit for this, his teacher at school has been working with him, and us, to instill this as the most appropriate option at home and he did it!!!

In addition, he has also started to identify his triggers and the solutions to them! A few Sundays in a row, it poured rain before and during church. One of those Sundays, D was trying to avoid the puddles to be sure he stayed dry, but instead landed in the middle of one. When he did, he got soaked from the waist down. He nearly had a full blown meltdown in church, but he pulled himself back together and went to class.

Later that week, he looked at the forecast and saw that it was going to rain again on Sunday. He said to Chad, Daddy, I don’t want to go to church! What if I step in a puddle and get wet again? Oh wait, I know! I’ll wear shorts, then my pants legs won’t get wet! Later that day, D was telling me what he decided and then he said, Oh wait! I also need to take a 2nd pair of socks. The worst part of getting wet is when my socks get wet! Can I take one pair of extra socks in your Bible bag? 

I don’t know who was more proud, Chad or me!

Kids at park

I am so blessed to be called Mommy. These kids, all four of them, bless my life and make me a better person every day. As I watch them grow, mature, and become the person that God wants them to be, I am forever grateful that God chose me to be their Mama. I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve this honor, but I sure am glad I did it!

Children are a gift from the LORD;
they are a reward from him.

~Psalm 127:3


2 thoughts on “It’s A Squirrel Update (Part 2)

  1. You are an amazing mommy! Having one in ps and homeschooling the other three? I just don’t see how you are doing it, but you get all you need to done! I am so happy for D!! So proud of what all he is able to accomplish and you and Chad deserve a medal of honor!!

    1. God is amazing, that’s all I can say, Joy! Without God I couldn’t do any of what I do…I hardly deserve any sort of medal…This is ALL GOD!!!! Thank you, though! 🙂

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