Wanted for Kidnapping

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Wanted for Kidnapping

Sunday was one of the more interesting days I’ve had as a parent. In fact, it was so interesting that I had an APB out on my car and was suspected for kidnapping…No, really, I was. Crazy, right? 

During an intense autism moment, a concerned passerby asked if we were okay. Chad assured him we were. However, as I also would have done, this passerby called the police. We knew he was going to call the police. There was no doubt just by the way he responded, drove away very slowly, we saw him turning around and coming back…we knew. So, we sat and waited, but no one ever came, so we finally decided to leave. We headed home and as soon as we pulled onto the interstate we saw a state trooper a couple of cars behind us. There was no doubt…I knew he was coming for me. I pulled over, he pulled over, he carefully approached the car, and I immediately asked, Did you get a call about us? He said, probably so…They said silver van with NC license plate…I was headed the opposite direction, saw you, and turned around. 

He was actually very nice, but he wanted proof that D was ours. He could not get verification from NC DSS and wanted to see something. So, we searched and searched … it never dawned on us to pull out an insurance card or anything like that, so we dug and dug. Finally, we found an old copy of his IEP in the center console. I truly believe God put that IEP there, otherwise we would have had a much different day.

Once all was said and done, he let us go and things worked out okay…despite the more serious way things could have turned out.

The more I thought about the events that led to being pulled over and temporarily, somewhat detained, the more I thought about the relationship I have with Christ and my Christian friends.

I am God’s child. He loves me unconditionally, he wants to help me, he wants to be there for me in the difficult times, he wants to protect me, he wants to fulfill all my needs.

Despite God’s intense love for me, there are times that I want to run. I feel overwhelmed and the anxiety of life, the fear of the unknown all becomes more than I think I can handle. The idea of bolting is often so appealing.

That desire to flee is not planted by God, it is not planted by someone who loves and cares for me. It is planted by the enemy, by satan…just like those feelings are planted by the enemy in D. Yes, the anxiety and the running are part of the autism, but there there are also parts that are planted by satan, parts that only serve to intensify the symptoms of the autism.

My Christian friends are like the passerby. They could easily turn their heads and let me run. They could easily let satan overpower my life in difficult, weak moments. Oh, how easy it would be not to get involved and just let me flounder and deal with my life alone.

Instead, my Christian friends love me enough to jump in the pits of difficult life with me. They love me enough to remind me to go to God in prayer. They immediately begin to intercede in prayer on behalf of me and whatever it is I am facing.

Like the passerby, my Christian friends call for back up by asking others to pray for me.

I am blessed to know that no matter how crazy our world seems, there are still people who are willing to make the call when something seems unusual. If I could, I would shake the hand of the man who called and thank him. Not because I had an APB out on me for kidnapping, but because in another situation, he could have saved the life of a child. 

I am also blessed beyond belief to have more than one friend filled with Christian love and wisdom. I am blessed with them in the good times, but more than that, I am blessed because when things are difficult, they are willing to be honest with me and kneel before the King of Kings in prayer on my behalf.

Walk with the wise and become wise,
for a companion of fools suffers harm.
~ Proverbs 13:20

**This post was also partly inspired by this sermon on Friendship by Perry Duggar at Brookwood Church. 


13 thoughts on “Wanted for Kidnapping

  1. Praise the Lord for the IEP. Thankful for the lessons that you saw in all this. It is a challenging time when you know that others don’t understand.

  2. I am just so thankful and blessed everything turned out okay. So thankful for your friendship as well. So blessed that God has brought you into my life. *hugs* Love you sweet friend!

  3. Wow. We have not had many outbursts in recent months/years that would cause that kind of response, but it made me think of something. How many of us moms (parents) of special kids would be prepared to respond to that kind of situation? Maybe it would be a good idea to come up with some kind of little ID/info kit that is kept with the child/caregivers. I know that I might not have ID for my kids on hand every time we go out. And I certainly wouldn’t have an IEP in my car (if we had one). This has caused me to think. Thank you. I am glad everything turned out alright for you and your family.


    1. Honey, before we got home I had already decided I would be getting him some sort of medical ID. Even if it is something I have to keep in the glove compartment or whatever. We need something.

  4. Lena, Lena, Lena. My husband and I are just sitting here talking about what an incredible person you are! If that happened to me, I’d probably go to my room, shut the door, and have the biggest temper tantrum go ever saw!! I’d give D a run for his money. 🙂 But you have this amazing ability to take an event like that and see how God used it for good. I love how incredibly insightful you are!! You are such a blessing to me!

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