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ooka island adventure

Spike started realizing the relationships between letters, words, and sentences pretty early on. She realized that the letters have sounds and sounds make words. She wanted to read, but was very hesitant. Not for lack of ability, as much as lack of confidence.

We read, and we read, and we read some more. I knew she could do it, but she still sounded out every letter, for every word, except her name!

And then…

Mosaic Reviews offered the opportunity to review Ooka Island Adventure. I thought Spike might enjoy it and that she might, hopefully, gain some confidence. 

It was not what I bargained for, nor was it what I expected.

It was so much better!!

If you read here regularly, you know I don’t change my text color very often. I hope you realize just what that means…

Ooka Island Adventure is AWESOME!!!

Not only did Spike learn a lot, but so did Pouty. Even Samoo got in on the fun a time or two. In fact, D was envious that he could not join the fun. While he is several years above the recommended ages of 3-7, he still wanted to play the games. They are fun!!

Ooka Island Adventure is truly full of multi-sensory adventure. The kids weave their way through the Cave of Sounds, climbing and skateboarding the Alphabet Mountain, kick their way around the Wordball Field, and so much more! There are also more than 80 leveled readers for your child to unlock and read while playing Ooka Island Adventure! Take a tour of the Island to learn more about the fun just waiting for your child!

Ooka Island Adventure Collage

In addition to the activities available on the computer, there are also additional opportunities for learning with paper, pencil, scissors, and glue. Each level of Ooka Island Adventure has a workbook full of activities that give children a chance to cut, paste, write, and make a mess (at least in my house, that is as important as any other part of the process haha).

There are several fun and engaging songs also available to download and sing with your children. Me kids especially enjoyed The Bubbly Trubbly Rap, but they love anything that gets them moving!

My girls had a blast playing Ooka Island Adventure, but there are definitely things that make this program appealing to parents and educators as well.

There is an Ooka Island Learning Flow Cycle that guides children through a set amount of play time, e-reading time, and then a reward of free play time. For those who are concerned with curriculum that is, or in some cases must be, aligned with Common Core Standards, Ooka Island is!

Last, but certainly not least, Ooka Island Adventure provides a Lighthouse for parents. Unfortunately, the Lighthouse does not provide a place for you to hide when the kids are driving you crazy, but it does provide parents with detailed online progress reporting. It allows me to see that Spike loves to do the Alphabet Mountain, but does not enjoy the Cave of Sounds. In fact, her only complaint is Why do I have to keep going through the cave? In interest of full disclosure, the Cave of Sounds requires the child to listen closely and then identify the requested sound. Spike is a daydreamer and I believe she loses interest while the cart is riding on the track through the cave.

And now, I must share with you the nitty gritty of pricing. There are options available for home, schools, and homeschools. Both the home and homeschool options can be purchased for one child or a family of children and can also be paid for monthly or annually. The school option is available on an annual basis and can be paid for based on the number of students who will need the program. A full pricing overview is available on their website.

Want to purchase Ooka Island after this raving review, but it is slightly out of your budget? NO PROBLEM!! The generous team at Ooka Island Adventure has offered all of my readers a 30% Discount.

30% Ooka Island Adventure Discount 

Seriously, y’all, this has by far been my favorite thing to use in our first year of homeschooling!!! Not only has my little girl really improved, but now she has so much confidence that she tries reading over my shoulder!

(I feel it necessary to add that I do not endorse Common Core Standards. To some extent, I understand the supposed purpose, but I am against Common Core Standards.)

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