Saving Memories Forever Review

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Are you the family genealogist? Do you love reminiscing with older members of your family, listening to their stories, asking questions about their lives? Do you enjoy sharing those stories with your own children?

This may just be the app for you!

saving memories review

Saving Memories Forever allows you to create a profile or storyteller for individuals you want to talk with. Once the profile has been created, it allows the user to ask questions and record the storyteller’s answer.

There are separate categories, by age, and a list of suggested questions to ask the storytellers. Of course, you can also ask a question of your own. The website suggests that you keep recordings at no longer than five minutes. After your recording is uploaded, you are able to invite others to listen to your recordings. 

saving memories review

Saving Memories Forever is a two part program. The first step is to download the free app for your android or iOS device. Once done with this, you need to choose a plan with the online software. The online software provides two options. The free option allows a limited use of the features. The paid option, $3.99/month or $40/year, allows most things unlimited. A complete comparison of the two plans can be found on their Free vs. Fee page.

One feature that really jumped out at me was the ability to download your stories in a zip file. This provides a way for the user to keep their stories safe even if the website has difficulty.

I believe that the developers of this app and website have an excellent idea. However, there were some issues that need to be addressed.

The app does not load correctly on my phone (HTC One S). It has to restart one or more times before it opens, every time. The option for uploading a pic that is already saved on my phone does not work, and it stopped recording in the middle of the story a couple of times. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but it did not correct the problem.

In addition, I also found the process for adding a storyteller to be quite cumbersome. If I were at a family reunion or visiting someone, I would want to be able to pull my phone out and record the story immediately. I would not want to ask the storyteller to wait while I take 5 minutes to input all of their information.

For a person who loves genealogy or remembering stories from parents and grandparents, this app is a handy tool. The concept is great and with a few tweaks, I think anyone who has a love for the stories our grandparents used to tell us would love it! 

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