And Some Days…

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Autism is a real pain in the behind.

Oh wait, that’s not autism, that’s just being a pain in the behind. Pushing buttons, pushing every single button. Trying to prove a point…the point that was proven was….

Look for the silver lining.

D and the Frog

He is at school. He pushed it to the very limits, but he did not have a meltdown, he did not freak out, he was just a pain in the behind because he was trying to prove that he could be. And, he was, and he thought he would win, but he is no match for Chad. Chad sat there, willing to miss his appointment. The boy knew he didn’t want his daddy to miss the appointment and so he finally got up and walked out the door.

And then, the pain in the behind was behind us … or in front of us, I guess, since he walked out in front. Either way, the pain was over. He got in the car and got to school with no more stubbornness.

So, you see, the real point that he proved was this …

Not everything is a part of autism or asperger’s or some other disability. Sometimes, they are just being a pain in the neck….like your run of the mill, ¬†neurotypical, same aged child.

And frankly…sometimes that’s more difficult to deal with than the autism or asperger’s or whatever else.

Can I get an amen from the back row?

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