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I often call Spike, ‘Lisa’ Jean. Here is my confession, in my mind I wish to be one of the Monkees. I sing, Cheer up, Lisa Jean, Oh what can it mean to be a daydream believer and a homecoming queen? 

Sometimes I sing, Wake up, Sleepy Jean, My little daydream believer! 

She is a daydreamer. I love that she sits somewhere and thinks of so many things. I truly believe, daydreams are dreams waiting to be pursued! I am so excited about watching her turn her daydreams into a pursuit for success and happiness.

While we wait for the day when she begins to turn those daydreams into reality, we must do school. Since we homeschool, that is my job – to teach her. God calls me to disciple her so that she may go out into the world and be a light for Him. The state, on the other hand demands I teach her academics. So, we do both.

The truth is, while she has a heart of gold, I have spent a lot of time wondering just how successful she would be academically. I have mistaken that daydreaming for and being….well….honestly….I’ve thought she was going to be a slow learner. I just knew I would be the parent on all of the support groups saying, OH MY GOSH!? We are working on the letter M for the 17th time. How hard is it to get the letter M? 

Instead, I am the parent saying, OH MY GOSH!? I never thought she would move this fast. I need more materials!! 

See, this little girl who I thought would struggle to learn to read and never get the concept of numbers is quite the emerging little reader. She loves books and loves the idea of being a master reader. She works hard on her phonics and reading skills and has really taken off with her spelling and reading of CVC words. In addition, she is doing a great job of phonetically spelling other words.

Math? Wow, this kid LOVES math! She is doing such a great job and moving through her K-1 math workbook much more quickly than I would have expected. What I really enjoy is seeing her apply the skills she is learning in math as we are doing things in the community. We have been in the grocery store and she has said, Mommy, this one is 7.99 and that one is 5.99. That one is more, so you need to get this one. When she can not only do it on paper, but generalize it in the community, she is truly grasping the concepts!

So, maybe all the daydreaming she has done over the first *gulp* almost 6 years of her life have been daydreams about learning or maybe they are daydreams about what she will do with her life and all of the knowledge she is gaining as she learns. Whatever they may be about, the daydreams are certainly not hindering her ability to learn…though they do keep her from completing her work in what I would consider to be a timely manner. 😉

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  1. So I probably haven’t mentioned this, but I was a huge Monkees fanatic in High school…I mean HUGE to the effect of not only having the boxed set of Monkees Show *cough* tapes, but shirts, other memorabilia….and there MAY have been a fan site by someone with the handle Davysgirl….just sayin’! WOW, nothing like revealing a big part of my life in the morning! LOL <3 you!

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