Fall Break & Home Depot

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autismWhen someone from the school district utters the word break, I am sure it is because they are testing to see how quickly an autism mom will break…down that is. Any type of change in the life of a child with autism is enough to spur PTSD symptoms in us.

Seriously, as an example … D’s jeans were so tight he could not even zip them. He was willing to change the size – only because his teacher suggested it since, well … she was probably tired of looking at his undies. He would wear a longer shirt, but let’s be real, when he’s on the playground, the shirt doesn’t stay down.


Fall break started on Thursday. Our original plan was to head up to NC to see family while Chad worked. When the pdoc changed a med on Tuesday, it changed my plans! We don’t generally leave the house if there is even mention of a med change. In the past, they have gone *B*A*D*. So, we scratched those plans.

Ahhh…if only I had known, I would not have changed our plans. This break has been the best break we have had from school since preschool! Hands down, this kid has rocked this fall break…like, I can’t even believe today is Sunday and he goes back to school tomorrow.

**Praising God for this amazing time and praying desperately that transition back to school tomorrow will be just as wonderful. 

This morning, he woke and asked to wear a pair of those previously mentioned new jeans. We only bought two pair because with his history, we know better than to buy more than 2 until we know for sure he would wear them. Since both pair were dirty, he was upset.

He went to the living room, let out a growl of frustration, and kicked his foot backwards. When he did, he heard the crack and looked down. He immediately came out crying and telling me I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to break something. Daddy is going to be so mad at me, I didn’t mean to! Then, he started to have a more real tantrum. He sat on the couch, threw the remote on the floor, and was crying and screaming. Ok, still nothing like what we dealt with this time last year and nowhere even close to this time the year before that!

I walked in, I looked to see exactly what was broken, and said, Dude, if that’s all that gets broken in life, we are a-ok! Get some clothes and shoes on, let’s go to Home Depot. We can fix that!

So, we got dressed, got in the car, and went to Home Depot…a place that usually creates even more anxiety in him. Wow?! Can I just go off topic and say, ours has recently remodeled or something, but the aisles were not overflowing with stuff, the risers were not up to the ceiling, it felt so wide open! Once we got there, we walked straight to aisle 35, found the outlet covers, grabbed one, and walked back to the front. We handed the lady a whopping $1.25, and left.

When we got home, he got a screwdriver, the outlet cover, and went to work.

HE FIXED IT!!! YES, HE FIXED WHAT HE BROKE!!! And then you know what, it was OVER!

Yes, there was some residual anxiety from it, that’s to be expected, but HE FIXED IT, PEOPLE!!! 

This kid never ceases to amaze me. I am so blessed to be his Mama! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fall Break & Home Depot

  1. Awesome!! I am so proud of David and you be sure to tell him that! He is learning!! Yes, it is taking time. He has a lot of issues to work through, however he is improving!! Yes, so proud oh him!! Love you David!!

  2. Woohoo way to go David! I know how little things like this are a BIG deal with kids with autism. I hope transition back to school goes as well as break did 🙂

    1. Yep, Kim! It is a huge deal for him!! First it was huge that he didn’t have a major meltdown, but the fact that he even fixed what he broke! WOW!!! And – he just went to bed and said he wanted me to make sure his jeans are clean. Yeah, don’t worry, they are! LOL

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