Hello, New School Year!!

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This new school year has started off better than I expected. My amazing son is my hero! He overcame his anxiety, got up this morning, and went to school on one of the most nerve wracking days ever – The first day of a new school year!? And…He was overall, reasonably pleasant about it! Not only did he face his anxiety, get up, and go … He apparently had a marvelous day! Woohoo!!!

No first day picture of D, he wouldn’t pose for the camera. Maybe soon since he’s getting a haircut this weekend…Shhh! Don’t tell him, he hates haircuts!!

I walked in, kissed Spike on the cheek, and said, Good morning, my beautiful kindergarten girl! She smiled and giggled, then got up and put on her new outfit. She wanted a first day of school like her big brother, so I did the best I could to make it special for her.

First Day of Kindergarten Homeschool
Spike’s first day of homeschol as a kindergartner.

She wore her new outfit, had her backpack full of new school supplies, had her hair fixed, her picture taken, and then we took D to school. On the way home, I stopped and bought her a donut. A donut on the first day of school is necessary, right?

Once home, we had one child throwing up, another child pouring out diet mt dew and popcorn kernals, and Spike, of course begging for her donut. Afterall, Mommy, breakfast is the first step to a good school day. 

Our first homeschool day consisted of reading and math assessments, reading and math lessons, read aloud time, her first day on Always Ice Cream, and some P.E. time. About halfway through (around the 2 hour mark), she asked, Mommy, do you think I could get a break now? That’s when we had P.E. time. Oh, Spike was quite offended that I asked her to identify numbers and count objects. She can identify numbers to 99 with 100% accuracy, above 99 she does pretty well also. Counting objects, is no problem for her, either. Numbers are definitely a strength for her.

first day of school
Pouty loves her Barbies and being silly!

I did similar assessing with Pouty and she did pretty well considering she is 18 months younger than Spike. She wants to do everything Spike does, so I expect to see her catch on quickly.

first day of school toddler
Samoo ready to see what he can get into on the first day of school!

Samoo spent his day getting into things, coughing, running fever, and being silly when he wasn’t running fever. He decided that sitting on the table gave him a bird’s eye view of the schoolwork. I decided that sitting on the table was not acceptable and gave him strict instructions not to do it again. He smiled, said yes, ma’am and climbed right back up. Yessiree, he’s a rotten egg! HAHA

Overall, I’d say our first day of school was a complete success!! Many, many answered prayers today. Thank you, Dear Lord!!!!

first day of school sisters
My K and PreK girls!

6 thoughts on “Hello, New School Year!!

  1. While I hated that you had a sick youngin’ on your first day, I am so happy for you and your little ones! So happy to be on this homeschooling journey with you! 🙂

  2. Love you!!! I can’t wait to read about your home education journey. I started a blog as well and I hope it will be a great record of our journey as well. I’m thrilled D. got on the bus and had a great day!

  3. Happy first day of school! I know other parents that have a first day donuts tradition, and I think my kids would love it if we adopted that idea, too.

  4. Lena, you are my hero!!! I could NEVER homeschool without some major God intervention (no patience) and I used to be a teacher! I truly believe it’s more challenging to teach your own. I will be praying for God to support you and give you a great start to the school year!

  5. Happy Holidays ah…So lonely here wiutoht you. Will be worst tomorrow at work, haha.I finished all of the 1st season of GLEE… so much fun!!! You should get the soundtrack lah!

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