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Two years ago my mom (age withheld to protect myself) told me that she had access to her work and home calendar in her phone. She went on to tell me she checked her email for both of her work email addresses and her home email address on her phone. Then she told me she had an iPad and a mifi. I asked, What is a mifi?  A personal, wireless hot spot. Ummm….Ok.

At that point, I realized it was true, the rest of the world had bypassed me. Here I was, a person who used my computer many hours a day, but all of that organizational stuff was still done with paper and pencil. The truth is, it is still done by paper and pencil. I’m just old old-fashioned that way, I guess.

However, I am pulling myself along and joining the world of online planning and organization. I am starting with online planning for our family during this school year.

When Home Educating Family offered me a one year subscription to their newest addition to the My Well Planned Day family of products in exchange for a review post, I figured this would be an excellent way to jump in head first.

I love this software already! It is able to be fully customized for each member of our family. Even though D is in public school, I am able to add him to the planner with his school assignments, chores, projects, to do lists, and more. For the girls, who are being homeschooled, I am creating assignments based on their curriculum and the books they will be reading, in addition to the other things for D. Even Samoo has been added along with his chores. I even plan to play around to see if I can keep track of his potty training success with this!

There are also many great home planning tools on the software. These tools include budgets, chores, projects, to do lists, meal planning, customizable calendars, and more.

I am still dragging myself out of the world of paper planners into the online world, but this software has made it so much easier!

One thing that I’d like to see added is a picture component for non-readers. I would especially love to see an option for the most common household chores and the ability to add the pictures of the books used for assignments on the calendars. I would like for the girls to be able to see their personal calendars with picture cues to make it easier for them to know what needs to be done each day.

Now, for the GREAT NEWS!!! 

Home Educating Family is generously offering one of my readers a free one year subscription to the My Well Planned Day online software!!! Just use the rafflecopter  widget below to enter. The winner will be chosen and announced on August 26th, my birthday!! 🙂

For those of you who are like me and really want your software NOW, they are also offering a coupon code. Using this coupon code, you will receive $15 dollars off of a one year subscription. The coupon code is case sensitive with no spaces – 19wpdblog12

Due to international sweepstakes laws, this offer is only for U.S. entries.

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57 thoughts on “My Well Planned Day Software Review & Giveaway!

    1. Oops…so my favorite feature (do I have to pick just one!) is probably the portfolio. As a mom that’s brand new to homeschooling the idea of a portfolio is overwhelming and the fact that I can add multiple children and keep up with their individual work in each subject is VERY appealing!

  1. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway! I’m a new homeschooling mom with a pedal needs high schooler. Just trying to stay organized!

  2. Would love a new planner, especially one like this that you can do online. Would be a great thing to have for everyday planning. Not just of lessons, but for household things as well.

  3. There are so many great things about this! I love that all my organizational needs are together on one program, like menus and schedules and bills! A little thing I thought was clever was their use of faces of family members to denote who is scheduled for what. 🙂

  4. I love that the planner is accessible while I’m on the go and that it incorporates homeschool and home management together. Thank you for the review!

  5. Pick me, pick me! I NEED this! hehehehehe Seven kids, plus a friend’s to homeschool this year! And I’ve been doing it all on PAPER! *gasp* I need help!

    1. Oh, I didn’t tell you what I liked most! One of the most appealing things to me, is that if we need to reassign things because we take a day off or someone falls sick, we can just click a button and have it done! Usually that means a whole lot of erasing and arrows pointing here and there on my paper planner!

  6. I really like the interface. It seems to be user friendly. I also like how you can organize pretty much everything in one spot!

  7. I would LOVE this for the simple ability to sync it ALL!!! One place to go to for what I need at any point…instead of 4 or 5… 🙂

  8. i really like how everything is in one spot, including a section for “memories”… how great that we can plan and record keep all on one page! thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. I just really love that its on the computer. I can keep track of not only homeschool stuff, but also chores, meals, etc. It looks great!

  10. I have been using the paper planner for two years. Having it on my computer wherever I go would be great and less of a hassle.

  11. I like how I can figure out everything on my pc and the my children can use their electronic device to get their assignments.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Are you still using MWPD? I, like you, loved this at first but after almost two full school years of trying to make this software work for me I am ready to throw in the towel. It is still not a fully functioning online planner. Have you had others share this experience? I would love to see some online reviews that are more recent than fall of 2012. Thanks for your thoughts.

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