Prideful Tears

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Sometimes my wonderful 10 year old son, D, makes me so proud that I get choked up, teary eyed, and cry. 

And yes, that IS worth its very own blog post. 🙂

I love you, my beautiful son! 

4 thoughts on “Prideful Tears

    1. Thanks, Lisa! He has made some very mature observations and agreed to some not so pleasant (in his mind) ways to help keep those observations reigned in. He’s doing such a great job lately, I just look at him and am absolutely amazed by what God is doing in his heart. He is growing by leaps and bounds in so many ways and I know that meds and such help, but really, this is ALL ABOUT GOD!!

    1. Thanks, Carol Anne! He is working hard and I am so blessed by that…even on the weeks that it is *H*A*R*D* like this week has been! God is with us through this journey, thank goodness! 🙂

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